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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We’ve hear this from parents, teachers, doctors and cereal box-donning Olympians.

All too often, though, I talk to people who tell me they never eat breakfast.

Well, guess what? Our parents & teachers were right—breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Due to a crunch for time, laziness and/or lack of appetite in the wee hours of the morning, we miss out on the MIMOFTD, deeming it unessential.

But breakfast is essential; we get our energy and the nutrients we need from breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast you’re skipping out on more than just a meal.

Luckily for me, I’m like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation: I worship breakfast (specifically waffles and pancakes). If I could eat breakfast food for every meal of the day, I totally would (and definitely have in the past…brinner time!).

Because I hold breakfast so dear, I make it a priority & wake up an hour before I have to do anything. I literally roll out of bed each morning and, like a zombie, find my way to the coffee pot, a.k.a. my lifeline.

After access caffeine, I pour myself a glass of orange juice, a bowl of cereal & butter up a piece of toast. I spend the next 20 minutes eating, drinking and watching the sun rise. Yes, this sounds cheesy, but I need this time. I need this morning routine to charge me up for the rest of the day. We all do.

Don’t have 20 minutes? That’s no excuse. Whether you have two minutes or two hours each morning, here are some morning rituals and routines that you can adopt to ensure that you are getting your most important meal every day — no matter your schedule.

0 minutes- Just because you have zero minutes to eat breakfast doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat breakfast. In fact, if your day is starting out this hectic, then you’re definitely going to need that boost of energy. So, make breakfast the night before that you can just grab on your way out the door. Try baking some banana, zucchini or oatmeal muffins or homemade granola bars.

3 minutes- I know being addicted to coffee isn’t the greatest thing. But what if you need an energy fix and have three minutes to get it? There’s no need to wait in the coffee shop drive-thru.  Make yourself a cup of tea to-go. Try Earl Grey (which has a ton of caffeine, but more nutrients than coffee) or yerba mate, which gives you a heightened sense of awareness without the caffeine.

5 minutes– Yogurt. Start your day off great with a little yogurt. Yogurt is a quick, filling snack that boosts your immune system and is a great source of morning protein. Better yet, top it off with some granola or cereal. 

10 minutes- Sit down with a bowl of oatmeal or cereal.

20 minutes- Adopt my morning routine; it’s worked out pretty well for me. If you’re feeling ambitious, make a smoothie instead.

20+ minutes- Treat Yo’ Self to some waffles or pancakes with eggs. If you want something a little more healthy like a breakfast burrito.


Pointerest: Food Memories


Food’s great power is that it brings people together. Think about it, every important moment of life involves food in some way. Food has the power to spark good conversations, ideas and relationships. And that has been true for my life at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Some of my greatest memories in Point are food memories. Here are just a few.

1. Belt’s-What’s a better way to spend a sunny afternoon or warm night than taking a walk to Belt’s? You totally burn off all those calories in a ten-minute walk, right?

2. Zest-I have had some of the best conversations about hopes and dreams over lattes and turnovers at this coffee shop.

3. Stevens Point Farmer’s Market-I’m not a huge fan of vegetables, but waking up on Saturday mornings in the fall to buy them from local farmers almost makes me want to like them.

4. Downtown Square-Okay, so maybe more beverages were consumed here than food, but it still always proved to be a good time.

5. Kitchen Parties-If you are ever bored, I would highly suggest inviting some friends over and trying to make something crazy only using food that is already in your pantry. To me, nothing is more fun than experimenting with food. Some of the best flavors and creations happen there.

6. GreeceThere is nothing better than traveling to Greece, eating food, drinking wine, writing about it and getting college credit for it. This was easily the greatest food experience (and just general experience) of my life.

In short, never underestimate the power of food. Food can bring anyone together, and isn’t that the whole point of life? If you are ever in doubt of what to do or how to make your life a little more exciting, add food into the mix, and it will soon become an exciting and unforgettable experience.


Pointerest: Bite-Sized Cook-Off


It has come to my attention that most students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point think that all there is to college cooking is Easy Mac. If they want to go out to eat, their only options are Toppers and Taco Bell. I want to change that. There is so much more to cooking than microwaving powder. Since coming to Stevens Point, I have had the pleasure of discovering a small town filled with endless local and flavorful restaurants and culinary experiences. Good food is here! Don’t settle for anything less.

Such a culinary experience occurred last week Friday at the Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics’ First Annual Bite- Sized Cook-off in the CPS Café.

The event was a competition in which four teams of dietetics students served three courses of themed meals. The teams each had a theme: Greek, Root Vegetables, Korean, and Rice-based dishes. Those that attended the event voted on what team’s food they liked the most.

All of these students deserve recognition for creativity in their dishes and the ability to make a large amount of the same mini-bites. I mean, it was impossible not to “Aww” at the adorableness of a mini-burger made out of the spices of a traditional Korean barbeque. The presentation of each dish was beautiful in a way that almost made you not want to eat it because it was a form of art.

The true art form was in the flavors. Many of them were fearless, to say the least. Take the parsnip spice cake with ginger cream cheese frosting, for example. Who would ever think to put a parsnip in a cake? Whoever did was onto something. The combination of the root vegetables, spices and cream cheese frosting was outstanding. But can you really ever go wrong when there’s cream cheese frosting involved?

The greatness of this event was the fact that it showed that great and fresh food can be found in Stevens Point and great chefs can be found among the students of UWSP. Maybe you’re not ready to go make some baba ghanoush, but you too can be a good chef. Step away from the ramen and challenge yourself to make something a little more delicious tonight.