Free Food: It Lures Us Everywhere


“Come to this event! FREE FOOD!”

This is a typical sign seen around all college campuses. Student organizations are always luring people into events with the promise of free food. What is it about food that brings flocks of people to events that they never would have visited otherwise?

I surveyed a large number of students from a variety of campuses around the U.S. regarding the important coalition between student organizations and food.

Food has always been a binding experience, but in college it becomes more than just that: “Everyone has to eat, but not everyone grows up eating the same things. I think in that way eating really plays into the idea of what college is promoted as being; a learning experience where you are expected to grow as a person. What better way to broaden yourself than with food?” said Gus Merwin, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Many students that I talked to echoed this sentiment. Food has the power to bring unique people together in a setting where they are comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions. Great food has the power to even transcend a good conversation; it has the power to create lasting impressions.  Everyone needs to eat; why not eat together around delicious food?

Along with good conversation, food also holds the ability to further your career. Student organizations on campuses often hold events that provide possibilities of career building, and there’s no greater way to start networking with someone than talking about food. Students that I talked to often talked about how they’ve discovered many networking opportunities whenever an event holds food. Food is the perfect conversation starter when trying to start a beneficial acquaintanceship in your field.

Through my surveys and interviews, I compiled data on the importance and power of food when it’s paired with student organizations:

See the data and the article published in College & Cook Magazine