Pointerest: Bite-Sized Cook-Off


It has come to my attention that most students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point think that all there is to college cooking is Easy Mac. If they want to go out to eat, their only options are Toppers and Taco Bell. I want to change that. There is so much more to cooking than microwaving powder. Since coming to Stevens Point, I have had the pleasure of discovering a small town filled with endless local and flavorful restaurants and culinary experiences. Good food is here! Don’t settle for anything less.

Such a culinary experience occurred last week Friday at the Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics’ First Annual Bite- Sized Cook-off in the CPS Café.

The event was a competition in which four teams of dietetics students served three courses of themed meals. The teams each had a theme: Greek, Root Vegetables, Korean, and Rice-based dishes. Those that attended the event voted on what team’s food they liked the most.

All of these students deserve recognition for creativity in their dishes and the ability to make a large amount of the same mini-bites. I mean, it was impossible not to “Aww” at the adorableness of a mini-burger made out of the spices of a traditional Korean barbeque. The presentation of each dish was beautiful in a way that almost made you not want to eat it because it was a form of art.

The true art form was in the flavors. Many of them were fearless, to say the least. Take the parsnip spice cake with ginger cream cheese frosting, for example. Who would ever think to put a parsnip in a cake? Whoever did was onto something. The combination of the root vegetables, spices and cream cheese frosting was outstanding. But can you really ever go wrong when there’s cream cheese frosting involved?

The greatness of this event was the fact that it showed that great and fresh food can be found in Stevens Point and great chefs can be found among the students of UWSP. Maybe you’re not ready to go make some baba ghanoush, but you too can be a good chef. Step away from the ramen and challenge yourself to make something a little more delicious tonight.



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