New McDonalds


A newly redesigned McDonalds opened its doors in Stevens Point.


2 thoughts on “New McDonalds

  1. Reblogged this on FoiDeCristal and commented:
    this photo has timeliness because it was recent and not in the past.
    this photo is not biased because it seems as if it is giving accurate info.
    it is not a powerful image because it is only informing us about a new and improved resteraunt nothing epic.

  2. Reblogged this on where there is life there is love! and commented:
    This photo was taken three hours ago.showing us the new mc Donalds that opened just recently, therefore it does show timeliness. It is a new story, and a new mc donalds. This photo did not seem bias, it is just telling us about a new setting. MY photot tells a story by showing the happiness on the peoples faces that they are eating at the new mc donalds.

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