No Shave Novembeard

It’s that time of year: the air is cool, the snow is falling, and the beards are out! No Shave November is an annual tradition for many men (and some women) who take a vow not to shave for the entire month of November.

“I’ve been doing it every year since high school and it’s a good way to prepare yourself for deer season,” said Marcus Nack, a sophomore environmental education major.

No Shave November is a particularly popular event on campus, especially within the Natural Resources department. Joey Collard, a junior forestry major, estimated that about 75 percent of those in his major had beards.

“In the natural resources Ethics and Values class, we had to write a paper on our future, what qualifications we hoped to graduate with…I put down ‘ability to grow a beard,’” Collard said.

Some Residential Living halls on campus, such as Knutzen and May Roach, are promoting No Shave November. Eric Zahn, a sophomore communication and media studies major, is participating in the hopes of winning a prize for best beard in May Roach hall. Collard first heard about No Shave November his freshman year because Knutzen held an event.

“That year, we all estimated how much we paid for razors in a month and gave that much to charity. I believe we gave to Friends of TOMS,” Collard said. Knutzen, like May Roach, is also having a contest for No Shave November in which, according to Collard, about six females have signed up to participate as well.

However, No Shave November isn’t always a glamorous event. Sometimes there are consequences.
“It takes no work at all, unless there’s food in it. Or sometimes when I blow my nose, little pieces of Kleenexes get stuck in it,” Nack said.

Another consequence is having no control over what your beard may become.

“I hate the itchiness and it’s coming in patchy and blonde. It looks bad,” Zahn said.

Women seem to have mixed views on the event of No Shave November. “I think it is a hit or a miss. Some guys look hot with facial hair and others look ridiculous,” said Rachel Seibers, a junior graphic design major. “There is a third type of guy who really tries to grow facial hair but can’t and it only grows in patches. To him I say, ‘why do you even try?’”

But no matter the consequences or the views of No Shave November, men still manage to do it religiously every year to welcome in the change of season.

“I highly encourage people to try No Shave November, because it brings us hairy people together and it’s fun to do,” Nack said.


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