New York Fashion Week: A Review


This week features one of the biggest events of the year in New York: New York Fashion Week. Some people find fashion to be trivial and silly. What some people don’t understand is that fashion is art.
Fashion is a form of self-expression and in many ways the most important form of art out there. Not everyone is going to read the poem you write or see the painting that you create, but everyone is going to see your sense of style and fashion.

This past week, New York was celebrating this form of art, as prominent designers from around the world showcased their spring collections.

For me there were two stand-out designers: Jen Kao and Zac Posen. Jen Kao’s spring 2012 collection was full of ‘60s silhouettes that were soft with hard edges. Most of her pieces were outlined in white whimsical accessories that were beautiful; all of her details were intricate and well crafted.

Zac Posen’s collection also showcased ‘50s and ‘60s styles, most of which seemed to be business dress pieces which evolved into strong gowns with stunning finale pieces. The silhouettes were very prominent, all of which were waist-clenching and flattering.

However, with the good comes the bad. The worst collection was Kaelen. The collection looked like a bunch of unfitted robes with strings hanging off of them. The colors were dull, which only added to the already boring collection. Granted, it did look like a collection – a collection of trash.

So what are the incoming trends for this spring? Fashion week has been full of bright, primary colors as well as simple white pieces which are bright in their own respect.

Patterns are going to be big and bold, a shout out to the ‘60s. The two prominent hairstyles were braids and super slick ponytails. A prediction for summer 2012: watch out for ‘50s-style swimsuits.
New York Fashion Week was a huge success. Be sure to look up all of the collections online. Remember, don’t ever be afraid to let your fashion shine: it’s your most visible form of art.



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