How to beat the “freshman 15”


Here’s to all of you incoming freshmen. I’m sure that you have heard of a little something called the “Freshman 15.” It’s a real and scary thing, but it is not imminent. You can beat it. Follow a few of these tips and make your way to a less fattening semester.

1. Stop it with the fries!

I know that fries are the most delicious food group; however, eating them is not going to help your health. Choose a side of fruit instead. An apple a day…

2.Look at the food in your dorm. Is it all just chips, soda and cookies?
Most likely your answer is yes. Change this. Snacking is the most dangerous problem about being a freshman. Because you’re studying 24/7, it’s a habit to be snacking while doing it. But switch around your snacks. Instead of chips, eat pretzels or popcorn. Instead of soda, drink water. Water actually will help keep you awake just like soda. And replace cookies with some fruit. Are you craving something salty and sweet at the same time? Why not put them together with some sea salt chocolate? Seriously, it exists and is a lifesaver.

3. Work it out. Work out!
Put working out into your planner to make it official. Even if you just do an abs workout in the morning or a thirty minute run in the afternoon, you’re that much closer to being more healthy. Utilize the Allen Center on campus, whether it’s with the free group fitness classes or getting a membership.

4. Don’t be so stressed out.

Take a few minutes every day where you can just sit and breathe. Maybe pick up meditating or yoga.

5. Make it habit.
Make all of the above part of your everyday and you’ll escape the ominous 15. You can beat this monster!


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