Making the invisible visible


     For the past 25 years, the Lord Resistance Army (LRA), lead by Joseph Kony, has been waging a war on the people in central Africa, affecting more than two million.  Kony’s biggest weapons are his abducted child soldiers.

     Monday night, Invisible Children held an event called “The Congo Tour” in the Laird Room to spread awareness of the atrocities happening because of the LRA.

     Members from the Invisible Children non-profit organization, called “roadies” came to show their new film, “Tony.”  The film told the story of the start of the Invisible Children organization and the lives of not only people from Uganda (where the LRA started), but of the volunteers from Invisible Children.

     After the film, a man that has been affected by the brutality of the LRA told his story.

     David grew up in northern Uganda and in 2002 his village was attacked by the LRA. His father was killed and his two brothers were taken away, never to be seen again.

     “We lost everything in our lives, except our life,” David said. He was captured, living every day fearing that it could be his last.

After six months, he finally escaped with two of his friends, who were shot and killed. David made it safely back to his mother in a displacement camp. 

     “The greatest thing in life is to never give up in life…I know this now,” David said.

     David’s story is just one of the many from Uganda. Kony has since moved into the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and the Central African Republic. Due to the fact that the LRA has limited financial support, they are the weakest they have ever been. However, when the main objective of an army is to kill, money isn’t much of an issue.

     “They [the victims] have done nothing wrong, and that’s why we’re here today,” David said.

    Invisible Children has three initiatives to help those in central Africa: radio, rescue, and rehabilitation. Due to the fact that there is no communication throughout most of the region, there can be no warnings or any news of violence. Invisible Children not only wishes to rescue child soldiers but to start up rehabilitation centers to help children deal with the heavy psychological damage that war causes.

     “Together we shall make the invisible ones visible,” David said.

     For more information visit:


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