Remembering Dr. Davidson


         On Friday, March 11, 2011, one of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s own, Dr. William Davidson passed away at St. Claire’s Hospital after a short and grave illness at the age of 70.

    Davidson grew up in Elkhart, Indiana and earned his undergraduate degree at Goshen College. Not many of his students knew about Davidson’s past as a “rebel on wheels,” as associate lecturer Stephen Carlton explains it. “He must have developed his communication skills early, once explaining to his father how he managed to pop all four

tires on the family’s new car when he was a young driver. It could be why his first major was theater.”    Davidson received his master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Kansas and has worked in the Communication Department at UWSP since 1968.

    “Bill Davidson was a man who recognized the power of language. And those who knew him can confirm his language was as colorful as his wonderful wardrobe,” said graduate student and instructional assistant Chelsey Drifka.

    Davidson served as the director of Communications 101 for over 15 years and taught the class until his untimely death. He was also the director of the Division of Communication for 16 years.

    “What I will remember most about Bill is the passion he had for teaching and communication. Even with his recent health issues, I admired his intention to continue teaching despite his illness,” said graduate student and instructional assistant Petra Robinson.

    This dedication shone throughout his life and teaching as he always strived to see the good in everyone’s work.

    “He always looked for the good in a person and usually found some or lots of it. And he always seemed to have his smile and his eternally optimistic attitude. He was truly inspiring in so many ways,” said Carlton.

    Davidson’s students, coworkers, and friends will miss him.


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