Tattoos: a unique expression of art


     Tattoo parlors are usually common in college towns and Stevens Point is no exception. In Downtown Stevens Point alone, there are three tattoo parlors.

     One such parlor is Downtown Tattoos. “There used to be a real crappy shop…I wanted to make it better,” said Rocky Neuman, the owner. Neuman taught himself how to be a tattoo artist and has been practicing his craft for 22 years.

     “I knew from a young age I wanted tattoos. It’s a unique expression of art,” said sophomore Drama and Arts Management major Jourdyn Glaman. Glaman got her first when she was 18 years old and has a total of eight tattoos at the moment she plans on getting many more because each tattoo expresses something different.

     “Three different people can get the same tattoo and wear it in a completely different manner,” said Glaman.

     Glaman thinks that there are definite ups and downs of getting a tattoo. One such down is negative stigmas can sometimes be attached to them. “Especially against women with tattoos,” said Glaman. “They’re not seen as responsible.”

     Glaman hopes to disprove this stereotype and looks to Kat Von D, the reality star of LA Ink. “She’s giving a face for women with tattoos and expressing them in a different light.”

     When you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, both Neuman and Glaman strongly iterated the need to do your research

     “Look at artist’s photo album. Make sure artist knows how to tattoo. What you pick you have to live with for the rest of your life,” said Neuman.

     You shouldn’t settle for the first tattoo parlor you go to, check out a variety of parlors.

     “If you have something in mind, present it to the artist. If they’re not willing to work with you, go somewhere else,” said Glaman.

     Safety is another factor in getting a tattoo. If the artist does not open the equipment in front of you, don’t get a tattoo there; it might not be sterilized. The time after you get a tattoo is also critical in making sure that you don’t get an infection.

     Glaman got an infection on one of her tattoos on her 19th birthday and had to spend the day in urgent care. She recommends using Aquaphor cream to heal tattoos and to stray away from anything fragranced or containing alcohol.

     Always keep in mind that the tattoo you get will be on your body forever.

     “I don’t think I’m going to regret them. You have that memory that lingers that’s really important,” said Glaman.

     And the most dangerous type of tattoo?

     “Never get a guy or girl’s name,” said Neuman. “It’s bad luck.”

     Whether getting your first or tenth tattoo, always make sure you do your research and trust the tattoo artist, then let your art be expressed on your body forever.



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