SGA holds concert to register voters

On Friday, Oct. 8, students will get the chance to truly rock the vote.

Student Government Association will be holding a concert in The Encore at the Dreyfus University Center from 7-11 p.m. to promote voting registration and participation in the upcoming election.

Lybra Olbrantz, SGA’s communications and public relations director, said that SGA is “trying to get the message out there that you can do something cool and be pro-active.”

The concert will feature four bands, which will provide a variety of musical genres. The first band performing will be Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, a local folk-style band.

The Ronald Raygun, a band from Eau Claire, will be playing after them. The Ronald Raygun describes their band as “angrier Radiohead, with less vocals.”

The next band, Cedarwell, springs from Sheboygan and has had the chance to tour Europe on more than once occasion.

The closing band, Good Grief, from Stevens Point, says that their music sounds like, “when you walk past a school playground during recess and all of the kids are running around and screaming and having a fun time,” stated their Web site.

Each of the bands will play 45-minute sets with 15-minute breaks in between.

Outside the door of The Encore will be people dedicated to helping unregistered voters register. The admission is free for those who are registered and will register to vote. Along with free admission, students will also receive free t-shirts when they register.

Organizing such an event took hard work, from more than one student organization. SGA has had help from WISPIRG in getting food donations from the Stevens Point Co-op and Trigs, which will be served at the concert. The College Democrats will also be helping SGA register students as they enter the concert.

SGA hopes that this concert will promote student voting as the elections draw nearer and that it encourages students to take part in the democratic process, Olbrantz said. SGA’s goal is to register 1,000 students. Currently they have registered 305 students and are the leading college in the UW System for voter registration.

This concert will not only give students a chance to register but it will also give them a chance to enjoy a variety of music. If you can’t make it to the event but still want to register to vote, go online to


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