Food fair supports local farmers and food

On Feb. 10, members of the Stevens Point community will have the chance to take part in the 3rd annual Local Food Fair at SPASH.

The Central Rivers Farmshed is putting on the food fair. Central Rivers Farmshed is a volunteer based non-profit organization. The event will give members of the community the chance to meet local farmers, eat food, and learn more about local food.

“It’s essential that we support farmers who grow our food in ways that nourish the land and us,” said Central Rivers Farmshed volunteer Jeremy Solin.

According to the Director of Didactic Programs in Dietetics at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Dr. Jasia Steinmetz, when food is processed through corporations, farmers only receive nine cents for every dollar sent. The rest of the dollar goes to marketing, packaging, processing and distribution.

Due to corporate consolidation, consumers have less of a choice. For example, only four companies control 83.5% of the beef market. This consolodation of food production can lead to less expensive food.

“But cheap food is an illusion since it is costing us in poor health,” said Steinmetz.

The American Medical Association, World Health Organization and American Public Health Association are currently concerned about the use of antibiotics in animal feed. The antibiotics contribute to antibiotic resistance in humans.

“Learn where your food comes from and buy food from farmers who grow food the way you want it grown,” said Solin.

Buying locally helps to solve these issues. “I trust the food. It gives you peace of mind knowing where it comes from and who produces it,” said BJ Welling the president and owner of Welling Woodworks Inc. Welling Woodworks Inc. is one of the many sponsors of the Local Food Fair.

There are a variety of ways people can support local farmers in their everyday lives. To buy local produce and meat, Stevens Point has a farmers market year-round. People can eat at restaurants in the area that use local ingredients, or grow their own garden.

“We’re the leaders in the movement to make local food more available,” said Welling.

The Local Food Fair is on Feb. 10 at SPASH from 5:30-8:45p.m. Events include a Local Food Potato Bar, showing of the film “Nourish: Food and Community,” and a raffle drawing.

“Local farmers are our guarantee of good food now and for the future, not only for ourselves but the next generations,” said Steinmetz.

For more information about the event, contact Jeremy Solin at If interested in volunteering for the Central Rivers Farmshed, go to their website at


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